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Everyone wants to be successful but do you know what is success? Success is the completion of your aim, target or goal.

But being successful in life is a little differant. We all have an aim of life which we want to be happened in future, some people wants to be very rich and they see their image as a very rich man in future, some people wants to be very good in any kind of sports or wants to be a cricketer, footballer and etc. But to achieve these goals, these goals should be our aim of life instead of just being our dreams so that we could start thinking ideas for it or making plans for it. But if you want to be a successful person in the front of the whole world then money can not prove you as a successful person “success is not the money you earned, its the change you brought to this world”. Sayings of jeff bezoz the owner of amazon and the present richest man of the world. Another thing which is the most important thing to remember is that just believe in your self and be differant “do not let the small mind covince you that you can not do it because only you know better”.Your thinking should be differant than others because you know that you are the best and “do not compare your self to anyone else because if you do so, you insult your self”. these are the sayings of bill gates the owner of micro-soft. It means that everyone is the best in the things they are interested in.

There are only four steps to achieve success in life number one is vision, it means that make an image in your mind  of your future for making a goal. Number two is making a goal just like a footballer, by  ignoring and going through all the obstacles run to achieve your goal. Number three is planning for it, When your goal is set then start planning for it by asking yourself that “how”, “when”, “where”. Number four is action! when planning is done then just one thing is left that is “action”.It means that perform according to that plan but if your strategy does not work the do not give up and think for it in a totally differant way and you will get success.


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