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1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online . Many people are making much money from blogging . Its just simple you will need to follow these steps to start blogging
There are many sites from where you can make blogs but i refer blogger because it provides good quality blogs , its free and it is easy to put ads on your blog with it.
2.Put advertisements
Get ads from adsense . But is adsense does not qualifies your ads then go to other ads providing sites like:
3.propeller ads
3.publish your blog
Publish your site by sharing its link on social networking sites like:

2.You tube Channel

Making a youtube channel is being common these days and it also give a good income according to views . Making a youtube channel is very simple and easy but the real problem is with views . There are many youtube channels which are failed to make views and are flopped . But today i am going to tell you how to make your youtube channel working .
Actually youtube gives ads when the views of your channel reaches upto 10,000.
So it takes some time to get views on your video . Following steps should be taken to get views on your youtube channel:

1.The name of your video should be unique and should be attractive
2.The thumbnail (the display photo of your video) should be enouph attractive to make the viewer view your video.


If you have any skill by which you can provide a service to a costumer then freelancing is best for you. In  freelancing you can provide services like making a website or a mobile app , creating a logo  and much more for costumers and you will get paid for your service.
Following are some websites through which you can start freelancing:

4.Online surveys

There are many website which gives you money for online surveys like surveying websites and mobile apps or giving coments on products on any website. But online surveys does not pay much and it takes too much time to earn some money.
Following are some websites of online surveys.
1. Swagbucks
2. Toluna
3. Onepoll

5. Article Writing

I your english is good and you have much information about things then you could go with article writing. There are many websites which pays you for writing articles for their websites and many people are earning much money by writing articles.
Following are the websites for writing articles:
3.College Humour

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