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Building a website is not that hard now a days because there are many website builders (websites through which you can make your website) which made building a website too easy that a 10 years old child with no experience could also make a website.


For making a website first thing you will need is a domain name (or a URL) like , This domain name which you choose should not be taken by anyone else.
But if you do not have a domain name then you have to buy or you could also get it for free by some websites.But if you get the free one it will not be like www.your it would put the website builder’s name in the middle of your domain name.


There are many website building websites but i am going to tell you just 5 which are best among the rest.
3. simdif
But if you want to make a good quality website by paying money for that then you should try these platforms: 


The terms you should know for developing a website are the following:

1.Domain name

The domain name is also called the URL of website. Domain name is bought by the user who is developing a website. Domain name is the name of your website written with “www” and “.com” etc.

2.Website builder

A website builder is usually a website which helps you to develop your website easily without programming or less programming most of the website builders provide differant templates in which you have to put you data and your website is ready.


Cpanel is also called control panel. From here you can manage all the basic things, settings and information of your website.


A header is the top bar of your website’s pages and footer is the bar placed at the bottom of your site.

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