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Is the level of your confidence is low? And you are trying to improve it then you are at the right place. There are many ways to boost up your confidence. Some of those are the following:

  1. The Media

The messages from the television directly goes into our mind unconsciously. The television attracts our whole attention towards it. What really happens through it, is that we start thinking that what’s going on T.V would really happen to us. But our brain forgets that those actions, rapid answers and co-incidents happening in T.V is all scripted and it can not happen with us and when this not happens to us we lose our confidence.

Watching news is also very harmful for our confidence because in news mostly people are being targeted. Watching news causes that uncomfortable feeling when you are walking on the streat or somewhere else and you think that every one is just watching you.

  1. Negative friends

There are some friends who lifts you up and some are who pulls you down.

Those friends who lifts you up are those who encourages you that you are great and you could do it and the negative friends stops and discourages you from doing a unique or a little bit hard task.

Keep the friends who lifts you up and slowly let go the negative friends. Those  negative friends actually  do not want you to become successful. Be  with the people who’s thinking and interests are similar to your’s. Feel good from you and you will get friends who are attracted to you. Those positive friends build up your confidence.

  1. Negative self-talk

Your inner voice is the voice which sometimes tells you that “ you can do it” , “you are the best” etc. But it mostly says that “you are  an idiot” , “it’s too hard for you”. You will gain your confidence by overcoming this inner voice and to overcome it try to push it away and listen to the positive voice. When ever you feel this negative voice in you just think that “it’s a little fun in this work”.

If you are talking to someone then just concentrate the matter you are going to say and on the person to whom you are going to talk with and just ignore your inner voice as you don’t have time for listening to that inner voice.

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