When a child is in school, the question mostly asked to him is that, “What do you want to be in future”. This question’s answer is already told to him by his parents, teachers or relatives. The child is told that he could just be an engineer or a doctor. The child is completely unaware of business or investing and other big stuff. The child’s imagination is made limited by the school by making him feel ashamed of himself. Schools do not teach children about money, handling money or the importance of money. They say that money is a bad thing and we don’t have to think about getting it, it makes us greedy however, the concept of schools nowadays is all about money. A student studies so that they could get a job in the future because there is no knowledge in schools. Why don’t schools tell children about the money they will get from the job for which the study 20 years. Schools should teach students about life too. Knowledge about life, or about how to treat others, about success and there are many more thing which needs to be taught in schools. A student study 20 years for getting a job for 30 years. Is that fair? Absolutely not. This is insane! what to do with the life after retirement? do schools tell how to invest or save money for retirement or how to spend money wisely?

What I am trying to say here is that if our education system is taking our that many years then it should teach more than a thirty year job.


The child who is called the most successful in school is the student who scores the first position. That child is successful in school but not in real life because real life does not work like that. The tests that are taken in our schools are not testing the child’s IQ or intelligence, it is just the testing the ability of memorization. But is memorization enough? Can memorization make a person successful in real life?, the answer is NO!. If a child is not good at memorization, he is called the worst student which makes him loose his confidence and causes many losses in life. But that child could be a successful businessman, investor or a trader and now he can even do a job by getting enough skills and knowledge by internet or by books as some companies have started hiring employees without college degrees too. But the problem is that the school makes the child think that he could not do anything in life by lacking the ability to memorize sentences.

The smartest person in school is the one who does not make mistakes, but in real life the smartest one is the one who makes mistakes. Children’s mind is trained for avoiding mistakes which pulls them from doing different and big stuff. The fear of making mistakes pulls the person away from success.


In school the questions are not asked by the students, but the answers are told first and then the student is asked to write those sentences which stops his creative thinking ability, the children are asked to write the same thing in exams without using their brains and by just memorizing those sentences which is really bad for the learning ability of the child. There is no subject or any period in school in which the student is encouraged to use their brain and build something by themselves, or to do some creativity.


The thing that makes the children different from computers and robots is the creativity, the thinking, the designing, the innovating ideas. But in schools these thing are removed from children and they are made to work like robots. They are being programmed, the knowledge is being programmed into them. The difference between programmed knowledge and learned knowledge is that in programmed knowledge which is programmed in schools the children are already told the answer just like we program and answer for example they are told that “if we ask you what is black, you would say that it is a color” instead of telling them that “black is a color”. This was just an example but in schools everything is told in the same way.

This was okay for the previous times but now the artificial intelligence is coming so there is no chance of surviving with this education. The future of these children are in danger because there will be lack of these robotic jobs for which the child is studying his whole life.


If you just want to be an engineer or a doctor or any other type of employee then you should go to school but if you want to be rich and happy in life then your school is not really helpful for that. The schools were made to produce employees not employers. This education system was made when there was a need of employees for industries. Here i want to say that don’t rely on school to make you successful because it is just an obstacle in your way to success.


World’s greatest investor and world’s third richest man, “warren buffet” wasn’t capable for doing business according to his business school and was dropped out of it, “Robert T. kiyosaki” the best selling author wrote a best selling book named “If you want to be happy and rich, do not go to school” He, himself is an example of that. Many other businessmen like bill gates, mark zuckerberg, steve jobs and larry page were dropped out of the college. who are now the founders of microsoft, facebook, apple and google.

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