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As we have been predicting the future since many years that there will be robots to do the work of humans in the future and that the humans will extinct because of them. If you think that nothing has changed by robots till now, these all are just rumors or maybe it will happen in the next hundred to two hundred years then you are probably wrong because that time has started. As we all know that many companies have created AI (Artificial Intelligence) and many jobs has been replaced by robots in some big companies which will soon be replaced in small companies too.

It has been predicted that the robots will be advanced enough to replace the jobs of 800 million jobs, all over the world. So, if we just get moving , living and learning according to our schools, then our future is in great danger.


The purpose or the jobs which would be left for the humans are the jobs which includes high quality of brain activities, the jobs which includes designing, creativity or entrepreneurial stuff. These are the jobs which would not be replaced or at least will not be replaced till the next 100 years.

The learning of these fields are not included in your school syllabus or your normal life, so you have to get out of that normal life because this is the time to improve you creative skills or it will be too late. There is no time for procrastinating, so start working now. You could now start some courses or could start learning any skill from anywhere. You could do many things which does not consume much time, try many things and at the end, do what you feel the best for yourself.

You can start learning Trading, there are many types in trading too in which you could select one  from stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and many more things, or you could think for an idea of a business. Business and investing are which i think the best skills you could have for the future even if there is no automation.


What is the reason behind this automation? Are there some evil people out there who want people to suffer? The answer is of course NO.  The companies hire robots instead of the humans because there are a lot of amount of advantages of robots and no disadvantages. The robots doesn’t want salary at all so it saves the companies money, the robots work much faster and consistently without getting tired and without sleeping which provides the company the speed of work and massive production, the robots does not make mistakes and do not lie.

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