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In my previous articles i have discussed the defects of the schooling system and the jobs. So, many of you have questioned for an alternative which is the reason i am writing this article.

I have come up with three types of financial life styles, in this article i am not going to discuss the amount of money that changes your financial lifestyle but i am going to discuss the sources of money.

Average financial lifestyle

This is the most common lifestyle which most people have. In this lifestyle you go to school regularly, do homework, get average marks, play with friends, then grow up doing the same, then go to college trying to do good in exams, then do a job the whole day and do not have much time for your family or for your goals, in this lifestyle you just wait for paycheck to paycheck or work hard for a promotion which you sometimes do not get and if you get promotion then you start waiting for another promotion, this goes on and after some time, you retire.

In this lifestyle you may have noticed that there are much hard work but all of that without a big result. In this lifestyle you just get scolded by your boss, go home late, you have a lot of pressure, can’t give time to your family and can’t get free time to live your life, to travel the world or to accomplish your goals.

Self employed lifestyle

This lifestyle is much different than the average lifestyle this lifestyle includes the people like doctors or other specialists. In this lifestyle when you are in school you have to study all the time to get good grades in exams and in college you have to do the same, there is a lot of studies for that which consumes many years in studying, after your studies get completed you finally get to work. In this time you have more time to spend with your family and for accomplishing your goals than the average lifestyle.

As we saw that this lifestyle was hard in the beginning but got a little easier later but you have to be very consistent and have to be very good in memorization and should give much time to your studies.

Investor or business lifestyle

This is the lifestyle which makes you rich financially. In this lifestyle you have enough money for your needs and you could easily help anyone who is suffering financially. In this lifestyle you have the choice in your hand whether you want to have free time or to be at work all the time. In this lifestyle you are the boss of your own lifestyle. In this lifestyle it doesn’t matter if you are good in studies or not. But the real struggle in this is at the starting of your business or investments, this lifestyle does not need schooling but it requires self study you have to read books on your own, get to know all types of things which you can do, try many things and than get to the thing which you found the most interesting. It needs a lot of consistency. After that struggle there is a big prize waiting for you.

You could choose any of these, the choice is your’s!

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