3 Steps to learn a SKILL

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Learning a skill isn’t so complicated, but there really is much importance for learning skills. Skills have a very big effect on your self-confidence. The more skills you learn the more confident you become. The increase in your self-confidence by a single skill depends upon how much does it matters to you. It is also a better utilization of time because it is better to learn a skill than playing games or watching videos on youtube. It is better because it helps you in your life, and solves many problems in many ways(depends upon the skill).

                                   There can be many ways but here i am going to discuss the way that is the most effective way for me. There are three steps in this process.

1. R&D

          I do a lot of research on the skill i want to learn. Google and youtube are so helpful for that, I watch youtube videos on it and read the articles from google and gain as much knowledge as I can. I do that for some days and while doing that I find the website, person or platform which teaches about that skill. The person I feel comfortable to listen. I listen to him, or see if they have got a website, If they have a podcast so I would listen to it, If they have a book so I would read it.

2. The Chain Of Learning

                                                                 Then the chain of learning begins. The chain of learning is a non-stopping chain in which you remain moving forward in that skill and you never stop. There is always something next to learn, Like if i wanted to learn a skill and I am listening to a person or reading an article or a book and I see a term or a process or anything which I do not know, So I search it on google, and now I have knowledge about that thing. So, i just keep going with that chain while I am going with other chains too. Don’t just get stuck with one skill, learn more!

3. Experiencial Learning

                                                              What I do along all the learning, is that I perform or practice those things too. Doing this does not make me feel bored with that skill and this increases the quality of learning of that skill. By experiencial learning you learn more, you face the problems on which you may have not focused on before, you may see some new problems or you may find solutions for some problems. There is one more thing I do, but this does not apply on all skills like, When I was learning to create a website or when I was learning a programming language, I sometimes used to practice it before learning it by a course, book or video. Doing this helps me, discover new things which I would have never discovered if I just followed the instructions. 

                             Never stop at the amount of skills which you think is enough because as i have said before, the more skills you acquire the better you become.

You could never be a perfect person because no one can. But the thing you can do is becoming better. Never feel that you are done because there are many thing to discover and to learn. There is no amount of skills which is enough for you to stop learning new things.

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