Convert Boring time into Productive time

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I prefer converting my boring time into productive time instead of converting it into entertaining time. 

                                                              So, what does it mean? when i am travelling, like I am in my car or in a bus, I would like to listen to a podcast instead of listening to a song. If i am getting bored somewhere like in a waiting room, I would be more likely to read an e-book than using instagram or twitter. If I am at home and I am not in a mood to work, or read a book or do anything productive I would listen to an audio-book. Look I am not productive all day and I don’t think that anyone can do these things all day, but these are some alternatives which you can do to make your time productive and “non-boring” instead of just wasting that time.

                    There are now many things and services which have made it easy to utilize your little gaps of free time and doing something productive, which will help you in the future. Following are some tools that you can use to be productive.


There are many places where you can get E-Books, some of the ebooks are even available on google play but the best place that I think is amazon kindle. You can simply download the kindle app, buy a book and read it with the best experience. You can’t take your books everywhere, but you can carry as many Ebooks as you want without even carrying them in your hands. E-Books also provides some other features like, it is easy to highlight things or if you do not understand a work or a term used in the book, you can just google the meaning of it. But reading e-books can sometimes be a little exhausting so you can try listening to audio-books.

Audio Book

I haven’t used much platforms for listening to audio books but i think “Audible” would be good. I use audible and it is comfortable to use. You can start using it by downloading it and it will also give you your first audio-book for free. You can listen to an audio- book while doing work, or traveling when you can not read a book or an ebook or you can just use it when you are not in a mood to read.


I have used many podcast players but I foung “Google Podcasts” the best. It can easily download podcasts or you can listen them online. It’s design is simple and amazing and it is easy to find podcasts and subscribe the channels. It is completely free of cost. You can get any type of podcast that you want. You can listen to entrepreneurial podcasts, marketing, any skill you want to learn or to know about or any other productive podcast.

Youtube Videos

There a lot of types of youtube channels providing time-wasting videos. So, here are some channels that you must subscribe.

  1. The Rich dad channel
  2. Grant Cardone
  3. Anik Singal
  4. Bright side
  5. Business Insider

These are just five of some amazing youtube channel. These aren’t top five, they all are great and these are the ones whose videos will provide you some productive time.

Tedx Talks

Ted talks are also there on youtube, but they have better experience on it’s own app “TED“. In ted talks, there are some successful people who come to stage and share their experiences and advises to inspire others.

It can actually be one of two things:

  • Something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that audience has never heard about.
  • A great basic idea (that audience has maybe already heard) with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

In other words, an idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.

So that’s all for now.

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