Is being rich BAD?

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“Is it bad to be rich?”, “Are rich people rude?” or “Are we going to be bad, greedy and rude when we become rich?”. These are some of the things that many of us are told by our elders, and not only elders but by our society by movies and dramas, and everything around us. Rich are always shown as show-offs, rude and corrupt. Rich people are shown as gangsters and drug dealers. But what’s the truth?

Many of them are really corrupt, greedy or rude but that doesn’t depend on them being rich or poor, It’s just how they are, whether they are rich or they are poor. Because there are many greedy, rude and selfish people who are poor people too. If you are good and willing to be good through your heart, then it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor.

Happy Or Rich?

The phrase That “I would rather like be happy than being rich.” is one of the phrases that i hate the most. You don’t have a choice in being happy or rich, you can be happy and rich both at the same time. There are more chances of being happy while being rich than while being poor. How could i be happy while I don’t have money to pay my bill, while i am tensed about the entertainment of my family or while i can’t have free time for my passion or for my family. And if i’m rich, why would i be unhappy if i have enough time for my hobbies and for my family, if i don’t have to think about the money for the expenses or if I can easily help anyone that I see struggling.

Change your thinking to change your life

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