How Books Change Your Life.

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So, I read a lot of books and I have to say that those books did leave a big and positive impact on my lifestyle as well as on my mindset. Reading a book really is a very exciting, interesting and refreshing thing to do. You are actually pouring knowledge of someone which took him years to get. You start looking at things in a totally different way, the way the author see them. You really get someones life lessons by just reading like 3 to 4 hundred pages of a book. It’s not as good as experiencing those things but, it is a great feeling, the feeling of confidence and excitement for learning.

I did not actually use to read books till I was 14, but then someone recommended me to read Richdad Poordad. So you can say that “Richdad poordad” somehow changed my life. That was the first book that I completed, before that, I never completed reading a single page of any book. So, my reading journey started from richdad poordad, then I read many other books on financial knowledge and entrepreneurial books like “eSCAPE”, “Rich dad’s guide to investing”, etc. Then I started reading books on self development and leadership like “The leader that had no title”, “the one thing”, etc. And now I am reading some other books like “A new earth”, “Live Ethically”, “Knocking on the Door of heaven – A path to a better way of death”.

When I look back at the time when I was 13 I really wonder what did I use to think or what was really my purpose of being alive. I really am amazed how I changed since then, When I was reading “Richdad poordad”(My first book) I was being amazed by almost everything in that book because everything was so new for me. I have that book till now, I used to highlight the lines which I found fascinating and I ended up highlighting the whole pages.

Books really do change you, your thinking capability, mindset and your decision-making.

It have been an amazing experience with these books.

In the below “Suggestions” section I have suggested some of the books that I read, You can suggest some books in the comments section too.


In the “Suggestions” section. I recommend you books, articles, videos, or movies on the topic we discuss above.

  • Rich dad poor dad – Robert T. kiyosaki
  • eSCAPE – Anik Singal
  • 7 habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey
  • The One Thing – Gary W. Keller
  • Live Ethically – Peter MacBride
  • A new Earth – Eckhart tolle
  • The power of now – Eckhart tolle

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