What If Schools Made Geniuses?

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I wonder, what if schools would’ve really focused on the brains of the children instead of preparing them to be a good employee?

In this article I am going to talk about all the ways that the students’ brain is pressurized and killed in schools, about how they manipulate the imagination and how they wipe-out the creativity from the children.

So, lets start from the beginning. Your child starts going to school on the first day it seems pretty exciting, sitting with many other children and having toys in-front of them, sometimes it’s a little bit scary too, being without their parents and being surrounded by strangers. So, as a human being the child has curiosities, the excitement of exploring new things and unlimited capacity of imagination and that is how he should be the whole time, that’s what makes him a human being with freedom of exploration, observation and research. But sadly all those things are then eliminated from the child by school, and even by his parents.

The schools do not give any type of knowledge to the children, they just make him memorize the answers to the questions which will be asked to them later, they also stop the children from getting knowledge by themselves by killing their ability of thinking. They spend almost half of their time in schools where they have to sit straight, they are not allowed to speak without permission or stand or walk or talk, I wonder how they allow the students to breathe without their permission. In most cases they are not even allowed to look somewhere else. Do you think that kind of insanely controlled child who once was free to explore, think and imagine would be able to have that excitement of imagining new things anymore. We actually want him to imagine just the things that are possible, we don’t even give them the freedom of imagination. Some kids survive it and many don’t. Most of the victims are the so called “Slow students” or “weak students”. The reason why they are called with these names by the teachers is because the can not memorize the things the teachers tell them to, or because they cannot understand things that fast. but who knows, maybe those kids understand things late but they do it brilliantly, or maybe their ability of memorization is not that good but they are creative or have great observational skills or maybe they just don’t like to memorize and they can understand how the things work. Do you think that the ability of memorization is the only thing by which you can do great things in the world? no, its not even enough to survive.

Schools also cause massive lack of confidence in children, they are judged by their results which was based on their ability of memorization, schools work so good in making the child believe that he is useless, or he is not going to survive unless he improves that ability of memorization. And entrepreneurship that isn’t even a thing in schools. There is no financial knowledge given in schools.

Their is a massive difference between the school life and the world, as bill gates has said,”Schools may have done away with winners and loosers, but life has not”. School really prepare you for nothing, the world doesn’t work how school works, because in school you are not allowed to make mistakes, and failing is considered as the end of everything. The ones who did good in schools doesn’t mean they would do good in the world. This also causes suicides because schools had made children believe that the world works the same way as your school, but when they grow up and see that their life isn’t working out that well, everything messes up and that causes them to do suicides, and sometimes the so called weak students who are convinced by the school that their future isn’t going to be good, do suicides or become discouraged and get their confidence killed.

Schools don’t acknowledge these thing and neither the parents do, it isn’t only the fault of schools’ owners but also the parents because many parents don’t encourage the change in the education system. Parents, schools and teachers, they all have to understand this and take action on it before more lives gets destroyed.


In the “Suggestions” section. I recommend you books, articles, videos, or movies on the topic we discuss above.

  1. Book “If you want to be happy and rich, do not go to school”-By Robert T. Kiyosaki
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  3. Book “eSCAPE” -By Anik Singal

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