Finland’s education system is so much better than our “Brain killing Schools”

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I have been writing much about how the schooling system is terrible for the brains and the personalities of the children, I could point out as many defects as I want, but there was no solution that I could provide. Well, now I’ve got an example which will provide us the solution for changing our education system. The education system of “Finland”.

Talking about the success of the education system of Finland, the average dropout rate in america is 70% and if we talk about the dropout rate of Finland, there is no rate, no one drops out of college in finland.

Children in school doesn’t start going to school till they are 7 years old, and they don’t have any centralised exams till they are 16 years old, In Finland, they are more relaxed: “We believe children under seven are not ready to start school,” says Tiina Marjoniemi, the head of the centre. “They need time to play and be physically active. It’s a time for creativity.”. They care so much about creativity as it is a main function of a human being, their school’s all the activities and studies are based on creativity. Here in our schools, creativity is the least concerned subject.

Elementary school students get 75 minutes of recess a day in Finland versus an average of 27 minutes in the US. They have this long 75 minutes break while their school time is also short. It is upto 3 hours short.

Why finland has the best education system!

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