Waves of the Brain and a higher Dimension

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Your brain emits electromagnetic waves. There are five types of waves in every brain. Delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. These all are differentiated by their frequencies.

These different waves also represent different functions.


Gamma waves are very rare in a normal brain. It is emitted during activities which involves high level of creativity, when one is trying to recall something from his memory or memorize something into his memory. The highest frequency was found in a buddha while he was meditating. During a research some people were trained to do meditation like a buddha for 2 weeks and then were recorded, they had a good amount of gamma waves but those were no where near the waves produced by a buddha. It is emitted during high focus, higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness.


Beta isn’t a very ideal wave, it is emitted in during high levels of stress. It is very common in hardworking and stressed employees. Beta represents Active, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition. It limits your thnking capability as it reduces 80% of the blood supply to your prefrontal cortex. So, it is good have the minimum amount of this wave and use delta wave for processing instead.


It connects beta wave (which is for local brain and physical world) and theta n delta (which are for unconscious and sub-conscious brain). Alpha wave is the bridge between the real world and your imagination or you “Mind palace”, the connection between your local brain and the higher dimension.


The higher dimension, during a research meditators and healers and all those awaken people from many different religions were gathered to meditate and to be observed. No matter what religion they were from they all had the same experience in the higher dimension, after they left their local brain, they described the feeling as, oneness they all felt oneness as all life, force and energy of the universe is somehow connected to them, and they also described a feeling of seeing a bright light that emerged into a shape of a human. A woman described it as a blue light shaping up into four people, they were just blue outlines, and one women came to her and it felt like she was calming her down and telling her that it is all going to be fine. Similar, experience was also described by an indian buddha in 1700s as a light shaped up as a human, the feeling of a force, oneness.

They said that when the researchers ask them to end the session and come back to the room it felt like their local mind was thousands of miles away and they did not want to come back.

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