What humans were meant to be?

If we think of our purpose like, “Some time ago humans were born on earth, they were meant to live or survive by using their brain and their capability of uniting, by contributing and by serving other’s through which they could get other services from others”. You were meant to contribute something to the humanity, and success is how much you contribute. The bigger the contribution, the larger the success. Contributing doesn’t only mean doing work for others. There are some successful people like Steve Jobs who gave the world computers and helped the world innovate faster.

Then their is bill gates, he didn’t only help the world by microsoft, he also helped humanity by reducing a large amount of poverty and starvation and have done other big stuff in which he has contributed billions.

If your life impacts the humanity in a good way, then you are doing good in your life. The larger the impact, the better person you are.

You can contribute in the big projects which others are doing to make an impact on the lifestyles of the humanity world wide by just being an employ and having a sense of leadership in you, and aiming to make that project successful with your heart and soul.

What’s your big deal? How are you going to contribute? being rich or famous isn’t success, using that fame or money on making things right is success, because that’s what you were born for.


In the “Suggestions” section. I recommend you books, articles, videos, or movies on the topic we discuss above.

  1. The movie “Tomorrowland” is a great explanation of this.
  2. Robin Sharma’s book “The Leader who had no title” is also pretty good for it.

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Is being rich BAD?

“Is it bad to be rich?”, “Are rich people rude?” or “Are we going to be bad, greedy and rude when we become rich?”. These are some of the things that many of us are told by our elders, and not only elders but by our society by movies and dramas, and everything around us. Rich are always shown as show-offs, rude and corrupt. Rich people are shown as gangsters and drug dealers. But what’s the truth?

Many of them are really corrupt, greedy or rude but that doesn’t depend on them being rich or poor, It’s just how they are, whether they are rich or they are poor. Because there are many greedy, rude and selfish people who are poor people too. If you are good and willing to be good through your heart, then it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor.

Happy Or Rich?

The phrase That “I would rather like be happy than being rich.” is one of the phrases that i hate the most. You don’t have a choice in being happy or rich, you can be happy and rich both at the same time. There are more chances of being happy while being rich than while being poor. How could i be happy while I don’t have money to pay my bill, while i am tensed about the entertainment of my family or while i can’t have free time for my passion or for my family. And if i’m rich, why would i be unhappy if i have enough time for my hobbies and for my family, if i don’t have to think about the money for the expenses or if I can easily help anyone that I see struggling.

Change your thinking to change your life

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A Teacher’s Role

We all have been taught to respect our teachers since we were kids, but who exactly are those teachers?

The meaning of the word “Teacher” is the one who teaches, but that’s the literal meaning on the word. Whom do we call a teacher? We have now made the purpose of a teacher so limited that the purpose of a teacher has now become just to explain the things written in your textbook, to make you prepare for your exams or to teach you the things which will be asked again later in your exams. Even if you search the meaning of a teacher on google, you will see this:

What do you mean by “Especially in a school”?!! We have made teaching just a profession. It is much more than a profession.

What is really the purpose of a teacher? A teacher is the person who passes on the lessons he got from his life to the younger ones (Students), the one who guides his students for the challenges and aware the students for all the dangers. So, this definition sounds more like your parents, right? And that is exactly the reason why the teachers respect are meant to be compared with your parent’s.

The Power Of A School Teacher

As a school teacher you have a chance of developing a personality. The personality of the students in their early ages are like a dough, they will get shaped as you want them. A school teacher has a person, a person who could be shaped as the teacher wants. Why not make that person a genius? Why not save the child’s brain from being killed? Most of the children’s brain gets killed in their early ages. Their creativity is stopped and their imagination is made limited by their surroundings. There are only two people who can save the brain of the children which are their parents and the teachers. A student is with the teacher for almost half day. The teacher can develop a genius, innovative and creative student, Only if they are apprised of how to do it.

The Main Purpose Of Teaching

The main purpose of a human being is to discover the world, learn new things and experience different dangers, and at the end, pass all the information to the new generation. That is how the learning works. But to make it more efficient, the schools were formed. So, that the experienced humans could have a chance to pass on their experiences and knowledge or collect the knowledge from other experienced people and then pass it on to a larger number of young kids, and the kids can get knowledge from the experiences of a large number of people who have experienced things in different fields. This was the main idea of schools and teachers.

Now the publishers and the commercialism have misdirected the real purpose of the teachers. This could be redirected only by the teachers.

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Convert Boring time into Productive time

I prefer converting my boring time into productive time instead of converting it into entertaining time. 

                                                              So, what does it mean? when i am travelling, like I am in my car or in a bus, I would like to listen to a podcast instead of listening to a song. If i am getting bored somewhere like in a waiting room, I would be more likely to read an e-book than using instagram or twitter. If I am at home and I am not in a mood to work, or read a book or do anything productive I would listen to an audio-book. Look I am not productive all day and I don’t think that anyone can do these things all day, but these are some alternatives which you can do to make your time productive and “non-boring” instead of just wasting that time.

                    There are now many things and services which have made it easy to utilize your little gaps of free time and doing something productive, which will help you in the future. Following are some tools that you can use to be productive.


There are many places where you can get E-Books, some of the ebooks are even available on google play but the best place that I think is amazon kindle. You can simply download the kindle app, buy a book and read it with the best experience. You can’t take your books everywhere, but you can carry as many Ebooks as you want without even carrying them in your hands. E-Books also provides some other features like, it is easy to highlight things or if you do not understand a work or a term used in the book, you can just google the meaning of it. But reading e-books can sometimes be a little exhausting so you can try listening to audio-books.

Audio Book

I haven’t used much platforms for listening to audio books but i think “Audible” would be good. I use audible and it is comfortable to use. You can start using it by downloading it and it will also give you your first audio-book for free. You can listen to an audio- book while doing work, or traveling when you can not read a book or an ebook or you can just use it when you are not in a mood to read.


I have used many podcast players but I foung “Google Podcasts” the best. It can easily download podcasts or you can listen them online. It’s design is simple and amazing and it is easy to find podcasts and subscribe the channels. It is completely free of cost. You can get any type of podcast that you want. You can listen to entrepreneurial podcasts, marketing, any skill you want to learn or to know about or any other productive podcast.

Youtube Videos

There a lot of types of youtube channels providing time-wasting videos. So, here are some channels that you must subscribe.

  1. The Rich dad channel
  2. Grant Cardone
  3. Anik Singal
  4. Bright side
  5. Business Insider

These are just five of some amazing youtube channel. These aren’t top five, they all are great and these are the ones whose videos will provide you some productive time.

Tedx Talks

Ted talks are also there on youtube, but they have better experience on it’s own app “TED“. In ted talks, there are some successful people who come to stage and share their experiences and advises to inspire others.

It can actually be one of two things:

  • Something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that audience has never heard about.
  • A great basic idea (that audience has maybe already heard) with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

In other words, an idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.

So that’s all for now.

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3 Steps to learn a SKILL

Learning a skill isn’t so complicated, but there really is much importance for learning skills. Skills have a very big effect on your self-confidence. The more skills you learn the more confident you become. The increase in your self-confidence by a single skill depends upon how much does it matters to you. It is also a better utilization of time because it is better to learn a skill than playing games or watching videos on youtube. It is better because it helps you in your life, and solves many problems in many ways(depends upon the skill).

                                   There can be many ways but here i am going to discuss the way that is the most effective way for me. There are three steps in this process.

1. R&D

          I do a lot of research on the skill i want to learn. Google and youtube are so helpful for that, I watch youtube videos on it and read the articles from google and gain as much knowledge as I can. I do that for some days and while doing that I find the website, person or platform which teaches about that skill. The person I feel comfortable to listen. I listen to him, or see if they have got a website, If they have a podcast so I would listen to it, If they have a book so I would read it.

2. The Chain Of Learning

                                                                 Then the chain of learning begins. The chain of learning is a non-stopping chain in which you remain moving forward in that skill and you never stop. There is always something next to learn, Like if i wanted to learn a skill and I am listening to a person or reading an article or a book and I see a term or a process or anything which I do not know, So I search it on google, and now I have knowledge about that thing. So, i just keep going with that chain while I am going with other chains too. Don’t just get stuck with one skill, learn more!

3. Experiencial Learning

                                                              What I do along all the learning, is that I perform or practice those things too. Doing this does not make me feel bored with that skill and this increases the quality of learning of that skill. By experiencial learning you learn more, you face the problems on which you may have not focused on before, you may see some new problems or you may find solutions for some problems. There is one more thing I do, but this does not apply on all skills like, When I was learning to create a website or when I was learning a programming language, I sometimes used to practice it before learning it by a course, book or video. Doing this helps me, discover new things which I would have never discovered if I just followed the instructions. 

                             Never stop at the amount of skills which you think is enough because as i have said before, the more skills you acquire the better you become.

You could never be a perfect person because no one can. But the thing you can do is becoming better. Never feel that you are done because there are many thing to discover and to learn. There is no amount of skills which is enough for you to stop learning new things.

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Increase Audience On instagram

Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual marketing channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience that grows with your business.

In fact, over 500 million Instagram users browse the app every day, making it home to some of the most engaged audiences around. 

But like any social network out there, there are right ways to use it, wrong ways to use it, and clever ways to use it.

In this post, we will show you how to most effectively use Instagram to increase engagement and grow a massive following over time—one that’s full of real fans, not inactive fake accounts.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

There are 13 tactics that will help you reliably get more followers on Instagram:

  1. Use the right hashtags
  2. Use the right filters
  3. Post at the right time
  4. Steal your competitor’s followers
  5. Pay for sponsored posts and product reviews
  6. Use geotags to boost local discovery
  7. Organize your Stories into Highlights on your profile
  8. Ask new users who engage with you to follow you
  9. Be consistent
  10. Hop on trends
  11. Run a giveaway
  12. Monitor your following closely over time
  13. Use the Instagram tools at your disposal 

Let’s dive deeper into how to implement each tactic.

 Use the right Instagram hashtags

Your goal on Instagram is to engage your current audience while also growing your following. Posting new, interesting and engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but to begin growing you’ll find hashtagging your photos to be extremely important.

So which hashtags should you use?

Just like with Twitter and other social sites, users on Instagram use certain hashtags over others. If you use the right hashtags within your photos, you’re much more likely to reach new users and be discovered.

Here are the current top 20 hashtags on Instagram according to Websta:

  1. #love (1,271,692,015)
  2. #instagood (742,795,562)
  3. #photooftheday (507,358,504)
  4. #fashion (487,010,088)
  5. #beautiful (463,668,566)
  6. #happy (427,528,663)
  7. #cute (418,686,470)
  8. #like4like (417,887,839)
  9. #tbt (413,049,020)
  10. #followme (392,011,012)
  11. #picoftheday (380,504,677)
  12. #follow (371,102,705)
  13. #me (348,193,980)
  14. #art (343,874,151)
  15. #selfie (337,204,715)
  16. #summer (324,498,110)
  17. #instadaily (323,307,593)
  18. #repost (309,603,537)
  19. #friends (307,567,075)
  20. #nature (303,040,276)

If you looked at the list above and said, “But none of those apply to my products or brand”, you’re likely correct.

Using hashtags is one thing, using the right tags is a completely different thing.

Popular tags like the ones listed above will likely net you additional engagement and likes, however they will not lead to increased long-term engagement, new interested followers, and most importantly, sales.

If you want to tag your photos properly, you’ll need to find and use the most relevant hashtags. This means doing the appropriate research to make sure you’re using hashtags that not only describe your brand, but are also being searched for on Instagram.

Using hashtags in Instagram Stories

Hashtagging on Instagram posts are a given, but you should also be using hashtags in your Stories for the chance to be seen by users who follow that specific hashtag.

You can use Hashtag Stickers (which can be found in the Stickers menu when creating a Story) or just hashtag directly in your captions for a chance to be featured in a Hashtag Story.

Now that users can follow hashtags, your Stories have a chance to be seen by both people who are following that hashtag and anyone who’s just checking it out.

Use the right filters on Instagram

Keyword hashtags aren’t the only thing you should pay attention to. The Instagram community responds to certain photo filters more favorably than others. Using these preferred filters can have an impact on your engagement.

Here are the 10 current most popular filters on Instagram according to Iconosquare:

  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Ludwig
  6. Gingham
  7. Valencia
  8. X-Pro II
  9. Lo-fi
  10. Amaro

 Post on Instagram at the right times

Beyond adding the appropriate hashtags and using the best filters, you should also be considering the timing of your posts.

A targeted approach is to analyze what has and has not worked for you in the past. By visiting IconoSquare’s optimization section, you can get a detailed analysis of your posting history vs. engagement. This report will also highlight the best times of the day and days of the week to post.

The dark circles indicate when you usually post media. The light gray circles shows when your community has been interacting. The biggest light gray circles represent the best times for you to post.

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Defects Of TV that we Don’t even Notice!


In this article i am going to discuss about the defects of Television that we don’t even notice. Television is harmful for us in many ways, there are many defects that we know but there are some big defects that are because of television and we don’t notice them. So let’s get started!


Biggest defect is that Television reduces our confidence as I have discussed before in my article “BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE“. Watching television effects our confidence in many different ways.

Dramas and films

The first way of television effecting our brain is by dramas and films. So, what really happens that in a film we are shown many different situations which happens to the characters in the film or drama and those characters solve that problem in a unique way or in a dramatic way or sometimes we are shown a debating conversation between characters which are ofcourse scripted but if we talk like that in real life, we would have to memorize those line and in real life your opponent’s reply can not be predicted. So, when your see those dramas our brain see those solutions and answers and saves them unconsciously for later and when any situation happens to us which is similar to the situation we saw in T.V, we act how the characters were acting and because the things in real life are not always scripted as you think they are you loose your confidence. When you see that nothing happens according to you, then you start avoiding those things.

Reality shows

Have you ever felt like when you enter a place and you think that everyone is seeing you, judging you, or observing you? That is because of the reality shows news channels and game shows. When you are seeing the person on stage and the whole audience is seeing him and observing what he is doing, then then your brain catches that situation and whenever you are in a crowded place your brain brings the expected experience of being on the eyes of the whole crowd which makes you nervous. News channels and game shows effects confidence because in news channels and game shows we are judging people which makes us think that everyone is judging us.

Television kills your self-esteem

When you watch an hour of TV, you’re exposed to about 15 minutes of commercials, whose sole purpose is to persuade you to buy stuff.

How exactly do they achieve that? Firstly, by making you feel bad about yourself. Once they do so, they sell you products and services with the promise that they’ll improve your self-esteem.

In other words, commercials are emotionally manipulating you, and most of the time you aren’t even aware of it. The result? Spending your hard-earned money purchasing products you actually don’t need and which will sooner or later leave you disappointed and sad. In addition, by constantly consuming things, you’re creating immense material waste that is messing up with our planet’s ecology.

Television makes you dumb

Another dangerously bad effect of excessively watching television is the fact it can hinder our ability to think.

Having talking heads continuously giving us quick information, opinion, analysis and criticism for just about everything, slowly leads us to stop using our own critical thinking skills. As a consequence, we can be easily misinformed and manipulated.

That’s why it’s especially important for parents and school teachers to help children and students understand the ill effects of spending too much time in front of a TV screen.

Of course, there are a few programs on TV that are educational and thought-provoking (in other words, that have a good, positive impact on our intelligence), but let’s admit it: The majority of television programs are just trash.

Indeed, we rarely find a program on TV that requires us to think. In fact, television programming is designed in such a way to match our attention spam. This perfectly explains why almost all programs are 30 to 60 minutes long. It also explains why television programs rarely dedicate the entire program to a single topic.

Therefore, not only can’t television programs provide us with any decent thought to stimulate discussion, but they present information in such a way that we can’t digest it properly. As a result, we can easily form opinions without allowing the information to first be filtered through our minds, and while we might think that we become more knowledgeable, in reality we become dumb.

The Power Of Acquiring Skills


To discuss the power of skills we should first clear the concept of skills or what are skills? because there are many misconceptions about skills. A skill is the ability to do something well, it doesn’t include talents, a skill is a work which you have learned and you could perform it with ease.

Skills could be anything from playing football to flying an airplane. Playing football well is a skill because it is a task that you know how to perform and you can perform it.


Skills have a very big effect on your self-confidence. The more skills you learn the more confident you become. The increase in your self-confidence by a single skill depends upon how much does it matters to you.

A person’s confidence increases when ever he achieve something that matters much to him, by which he feels that he is better than before. When you feel greater, your confidence level increases, that is the reason why acquiring skills is a big source of self confidence. Confidence changes your personality which means that indirectly acquiring skills also help in improving your personality and making you better than before.


If you think that you are good with three to five skills then you are probably wrong because learning is forever. You could never stop learning in your life till your death. Never stop at the amount of skills which you think is enough because as i have said before, the more skills you acquire the better you become.

You could never be a perfect person because no one can. But the thing you can do is becoming better. Never feel that you are done because there are many thing to discover and to learn. The amount of skills which is enough for you to stop learning new things is infinite. Every skill have a different role in your life. Every skill has a value that other skills could not cover. Every skill contributes in making you better than before.


What is the reason for acquiring skills? why is all of that necessary? Since the beginning of the article i have discussed many advantages of acquiring skills which are the reason why you should acquire skills.

So, let’s write all of those reasons in points

  • Source of confidence: As I have discussed before that it is a big source of confidence as it helps us feel greater and better than before.
  • Utilization of time: It is better to learn a skill than playing games or watching videos on youtube. It is better because it helps you in your life, and solves many problems in many ways(depends upon the skill).
  • It isn’t so unnecessary: Acquiring different skills isn’t as unnecessary as you think it is, many people think of it as an extra activity for free time, but i gotta tell you that it is not that useless. Learning skills is the real thing, it is much better than learning for the tests of your schools because skills are gonna pay you till the end of your life.
  • Loyalty: Skills are loyal they never leave you and always help you in your hard times.
  • Self-investment: Acquiring skills are also called self-investment which means that by learning a skill you invest on your self on making your self better. Acquiring a skill is an investment because it always pays you. It is the best type of investment.


Many of you would be thinking that if it will be very hard. It only seems hard but I can tell you that it is fun, nothing could be more exciting than acquiring a skill which you like, it is fun only if you are interested in learning the skill which you are learning. You can take an example, like for me making a website was first skill of mine and after that i loved acquiring new skills. Now I have a long list of skills that i can not memorize sometimes. But  many of those are helping me and i believe that these will help me in the future too.

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Your financial lifestyle

In my previous articles i have discussed the defects of the schooling system and the jobs. So, many of you have questioned for an alternative which is the reason i am writing this article.

I have come up with three types of financial life styles, in this article i am not going to discuss the amount of money that changes your financial lifestyle but i am going to discuss the sources of money.

Average financial lifestyle

This is the most common lifestyle which most people have. In this lifestyle you go to school regularly, do homework, get average marks, play with friends, then grow up doing the same, then go to college trying to do good in exams, then do a job the whole day and do not have much time for your family or for your goals, in this lifestyle you just wait for paycheck to paycheck or work hard for a promotion which you sometimes do not get and if you get promotion then you start waiting for another promotion, this goes on and after some time, you retire.

In this lifestyle you may have noticed that there are much hard work but all of that without a big result. In this lifestyle you just get scolded by your boss, go home late, you have a lot of pressure, can’t give time to your family and can’t get free time to live your life, to travel the world or to accomplish your goals.

Self employed lifestyle

This lifestyle is much different than the average lifestyle this lifestyle includes the people like doctors or other specialists. In this lifestyle when you are in school you have to study all the time to get good grades in exams and in college you have to do the same, there is a lot of studies for that which consumes many years in studying, after your studies get completed you finally get to work. In this time you have more time to spend with your family and for accomplishing your goals than the average lifestyle.

As we saw that this lifestyle was hard in the beginning but got a little easier later but you have to be very consistent and have to be very good in memorization and should give much time to your studies.

Investor or business lifestyle

This is the lifestyle which makes you rich financially. In this lifestyle you have enough money for your needs and you could easily help anyone who is suffering financially. In this lifestyle you have the choice in your hand whether you want to have free time or to be at work all the time. In this lifestyle you are the boss of your own lifestyle. In this lifestyle it doesn’t matter if you are good in studies or not. But the real struggle in this is at the starting of your business or investments, this lifestyle does not need schooling but it requires self study you have to read books on your own, get to know all types of things which you can do, try many things and than get to the thing which you found the most interesting. It needs a lot of consistency. After that struggle there is a big prize waiting for you.

You could choose any of these, the choice is your’s!

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As we have been predicting the future since many years that there will be robots to do the work of humans in the future and that the humans will extinct because of them. If you think that nothing has changed by robots till now, these all are just rumors or maybe it will happen in the next hundred to two hundred years then you are probably wrong because that time has started. As we all know that many companies have created AI (Artificial Intelligence) and many jobs has been replaced by robots in some big companies which will soon be replaced in small companies too.

It has been predicted that the robots will be advanced enough to replace the jobs of 800 million jobs, all over the world. So, if we just get moving , living and learning according to our schools, then our future is in great danger.


The purpose or the jobs which would be left for the humans are the jobs which includes high quality of brain activities, the jobs which includes designing, creativity or entrepreneurial stuff. These are the jobs which would not be replaced or at least will not be replaced till the next 100 years.

The learning of these fields are not included in your school syllabus or your normal life, so you have to get out of that normal life because this is the time to improve you creative skills or it will be too late. There is no time for procrastinating, so start working now. You could now start some courses or could start learning any skill from anywhere. You could do many things which does not consume much time, try many things and at the end, do what you feel the best for yourself.

You can start learning Trading, there are many types in trading too in which you could select one  from stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and many more things, or you could think for an idea of a business. Business and investing are which i think the best skills you could have for the future even if there is no automation.


What is the reason behind this automation? Are there some evil people out there who want people to suffer? The answer is of course NO.  The companies hire robots instead of the humans because there are a lot of amount of advantages of robots and no disadvantages. The robots doesn’t want salary at all so it saves the companies money, the robots work much faster and consistently without getting tired and without sleeping which provides the company the speed of work and massive production, the robots does not make mistakes and do not lie.

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Guide for Investing without risk

Investing isn’t risky, it’s just the investor who is risky. Investing is not just the game of money and luck but there is a complete education for that, which you could never get from your school. For that study you would first have to get some experience by investing or by just observing that how the market is working, have questions in your mind and then find the answers. In this article you would gain some basic knowledge about investing which is necessary for starting to invest.

Before i started investing, I read many books, articles and watched many helpful, knowledgeable videos but after all that knowledge, when I started investing I had many losses by which i gained experience about how things work, So what I am trying to say is that only knowledge isn’t enough, you would have to gain some experience and have some losses too.

So, the first thing you have to know is that there are many types of investments like real estate, stocks, businesses, commodities, etc. These all are called financial vehicles, and these all are different types of vehicles so you have to use all of them them at different financial stages. They are very similar to normal vehicles, like if you want to go at someone’s house in a different country you would use airplane to go to that country and then a car or any type of public transport to go to his house from the airport, you can’t just use one vehicle for all of that. The same is with investing, you would have to use different types of investments at different financial stages. The second thing is the difference between a sophisticated investor and an average investor. The difference is that the sophisticated investor looks at the risk by totally different way than an average investor. An average investor focuses on professional education(the education taught in schools) but the sophisticated investor focuses on the the financial education, Financial education is necessary for investing or starting a business, the education you were having in your school all these years was professional education which has no concern with finance and money. An average investor avoids making mistakes and a sophisticated investor understands that mistakes are aren’t bad.


Investment is not risky if you know the company or the real estate or the thing in which you are investing. No one will tell you where to invest because no one can. It completely depends on your experience and your observations which means that knowledge and experience is the key. One of the most important things in investing is that do not predict anything and just be ready for everything that could happen. Don’t just expect much from any investment.


You should know the difference between an asset and a liability. This is the most important thing you should know to live a financially independent life. It is not only important for investment or any business but also for your daily life. A liability is which takes the money out of your pocket for example your car, your bike, your computer(if it is not used for any type of business or investment). And an asset is which put money in your pocket for example real estate, stocks, businesses and business shares.


The question is that how does knowing the difference between an asset and a liability helps in reducing the risk of investment. Everything which is related to money in any way have some assets and liabilities, like every business, real estate, your house, your computer, your car, and even you yourself have assets and liabilities. By knowing the assets and liabilities of a business or real estate we can predict whether the the value of that business or what ever it is going to go up in the future or not.

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Your Job is nothing but a Scam

A job is where you work hard daily for someone else’s dream, to grow other’s business, to get a paycheck and get retired. But most of you are thinking that there is no other way, so let me tell you that there are three types of incomes which are described in the picture below.

Normal income is the income which you earn by a job you can convert it in to any of these two incomes by using the money earned by your job and investing it in these two types of income. And how to do it without risk is described below.


There are many disadvantages of a normal income. The first is that you could never be rich by normal income, many people think that they could get better when they get promoted and get a higher salary, But the truth is that nothing changes because when you get higher salary, you then desire for more and this process goes on until you get retired and when you get retired you realize that you got nothing for all of that hard work. The second is that “normal income” is the most highly taxed income because the middle class pays the most tax. In portfolio and passive income there is much earning but too little tax or sometimes there is no tax.


This is a fact that rich people does not pay taxes or pays less taxes, the poor and the middle class people pays taxes, more than rich people, which means that a normal employee with an average salary, pays more tax than a millionaire businessman. The reason is that the rich people are financially literate and knows how to get rid of taxes or pay less taxes legally.


Many people often say that “I don’t like money”, “I don’t do it for money”, “Money means nothing to me”. Yes money isn’t important than many of the things but in terms of a job, you do it for money it isn’t because you are greedy, it is because the money is one of your needs. You go to work every day 9-5, work hard, at the end get a paycheck, then when your salary get finished you just complain yourself but when you get a new paycheck you just get back to your routine. In most people’s lives this goes on every month and after that, NOTHING CHANGES.


Converting your normal income to portfolio or passive income needs some investments which is the hardest task for many people because of the risk. “Investment isn’t risky, the investor is risky” which means you are the one who is risky not the investment. The simple way to invest without getting being risky is that, get some financial education which is not available at your school (as told in my previous article “Don’t go to school to be successful“). So to get financial knowledge or financial literacy you must read some books like “rich dad poor dad”, “guide to investing”, etc. Or you have to get some courses and experience or you could also wait for my next article which would be on guide for Investment and business.

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When a child is in school, the question mostly asked to him is that, “What do you want to be in future”. This question’s answer is already told to him by his parents, teachers or relatives. The child is told that he could just be an engineer or a doctor. The child is completely unaware of business or investing and other big stuff. The child’s imagination is made limited by the school by making him feel ashamed of himself. Schools do not teach children about money, handling money or the importance of money. They say that money is a bad thing and we don’t have to think about getting it, it makes us greedy however, the concept of schools nowadays is all about money. A student studies so that they could get a job in the future because there is no knowledge in schools. Why don’t schools tell children about the money they will get from the job for which the study 20 years. Schools should teach students about life too. Knowledge about life, or about how to treat others, about success and there are many more thing which needs to be taught in schools. A student study 20 years for getting a job for 30 years. Is that fair? Absolutely not. This is insane! what to do with the life after retirement? do schools tell how to invest or save money for retirement or how to spend money wisely?

What I am trying to say here is that if our education system is taking our that many years then it should teach more than a thirty year job.


The child who is called the most successful in school is the student who scores the first position. That child is successful in school but not in real life because real life does not work like that. The tests that are taken in our schools are not testing the child’s IQ or intelligence, it is just the testing the ability of memorization. But is memorization enough? Can memorization make a person successful in real life?, the answer is NO!. If a child is not good at memorization, he is called the worst student which makes him loose his confidence and causes many losses in life. But that child could be a successful businessman, investor or a trader and now he can even do a job by getting enough skills and knowledge by internet or by books as some companies have started hiring employees without college degrees too. But the problem is that the school makes the child think that he could not do anything in life by lacking the ability to memorize sentences.

The smartest person in school is the one who does not make mistakes, but in real life the smartest one is the one who makes mistakes. Children’s mind is trained for avoiding mistakes which pulls them from doing different and big stuff. The fear of making mistakes pulls the person away from success.


In school the questions are not asked by the students, but the answers are told first and then the student is asked to write those sentences which stops his creative thinking ability, the children are asked to write the same thing in exams without using their brains and by just memorizing those sentences which is really bad for the learning ability of the child. There is no subject or any period in school in which the student is encouraged to use their brain and build something by themselves, or to do some creativity.


The thing that makes the children different from computers and robots is the creativity, the thinking, the designing, the innovating ideas. But in schools these thing are removed from children and they are made to work like robots. They are being programmed, the knowledge is being programmed into them. The difference between programmed knowledge and learned knowledge is that in programmed knowledge which is programmed in schools the children are already told the answer just like we program and answer for example they are told that “if we ask you what is black, you would say that it is a color” instead of telling them that “black is a color”. This was just an example but in schools everything is told in the same way.

This was okay for the previous times but now the artificial intelligence is coming so there is no chance of surviving with this education. The future of these children are in danger because there will be lack of these robotic jobs for which the child is studying his whole life.


If you just want to be an engineer or a doctor or any other type of employee then you should go to school but if you want to be rich and happy in life then your school is not really helpful for that. The schools were made to produce employees not employers. This education system was made when there was a need of employees for industries. Here i want to say that don’t rely on school to make you successful because it is just an obstacle in your way to success.


World’s greatest investor and world’s third richest man, “warren buffet” wasn’t capable for doing business according to his business school and was dropped out of it, “Robert T. kiyosaki” the best selling author wrote a best selling book named “If you want to be happy and rich, do not go to school” He, himself is an example of that. Many other businessmen like bill gates, mark zuckerberg, steve jobs and larry page were dropped out of the college. who are now the founders of microsoft, facebook, apple and google.

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5 Horrible effects of mobile phones

1.Teen Tendonitis (TTT):

What is the impact of mobile phones on young people’s social life? Teenagers are totally addicted to texting. Excess messaging can lead to Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It can cause pain in the hands, back and neck due to poor posture. It can also lead to impaired vision and even arthritis down the line.

2. Sleep Loss:

Most of the teens keep their cell phones nearby while sleeping to respond to texts and calls. They feel pressurized to remain reachable around the clock. It leads to sleep interruption and disruption. Teens also become irritable when they are sleep deprived. It drains your mental abilities and puts your physical health at real risk. Science has linked poor slumber with all kinds of health problems, from weight gain to a weakened immune system.

3. Accidents

Using your mobile phones while driving is very common these days but it causes much accidents and deaths. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. So be careful !

4. Causes Cancer

  1. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy.
  2. The number of cell phone users has increased rapidly. As of December 2014, there were more than 327.5 million cell phone subscribers in the United States, according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. This is a nearly threefold increase from the 110 million users in 2000. Globally, the number of subscriptions is estimated by the International Telecommunications Union to be 5 billion.
  3. Over time, the number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call, and the amount of time people use cell phones have increased. However, improvements in cell phone technology have resulted in devices that have lower power outputs than earlier models.

5. Causes Anxiety

Spending too much time on your phone may be causing you to feel stress and anxiety, experts are warning.

“The more people use their phone,” Dr. Nancy Cheever, who spearheaded research on the relationship between cellphone use and anxiety at California State University, Dominguez Hills, told ABC News, “the more anxious they are about using their phone.”

Cheever’s research suggests that phone-induced anxiety operates on a positive feedback loop, saying that phones keep us in a persistent state of anxiety and the only relief from this anxiety is to look at our phones.

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9 Ways to reed people’s mind

1.  Pay Attention to Appearance

When reading others notice: Are they wearing a power suit and well-shined shoes, dressed for success, indicating ambition, Jeans and a t-shirt, indicating comfort with being casual. A pendant such as a cross or Buddha indicating spiritual values.

2.  Notice Posture

When reading people’s posture, ask yourself: Do they hold their head high, confident, Or do they walk indecisively or cower, a sign of low self-esteem, Do they swagger with a puffed out chest, sign of a big ego.

3.  Watch For Physical Movements

  1. Leaning and Distance—Observe where people lean. Generally, we lean toward those we like and away from those we don’t.
  2. Crossed arms and legs—This pose suggests defensiveness, anger, or self-protection. When people cross their legs they tend to point the toes of the top leg towards the person they are most at ease with.
  3. Hiding one’s hands—When people place their hands in their laps, pockets, or put them behind their back it suggests that they are hiding something.
  4. Lip biting or cuticle picking—When people bite or lick their lips or pick their cuticles they are trying to soothe themselves under pressure or in an awkward situation.

The Second Technique. Listen to Your Intuition

You can tune into someone beyond their body language and words. Intuition is what your gut feels, not what your head says. It’s nonverbal information you perceive via images, ah-has, and body knowings, rather than logic. If you want to understand someone, what counts the most is who the person is, not their outer trappings. Intuition lets you see further than the obvious to reveal a richer story.

Checklist of Intuitive Cues

1. Honor your gut feelings

Listen to what your gut says, especially during first meetings, a visceral reaction that occurs before you have a chance to think. It relays whether you’re at ease or not. Gut feelings occur quickly, a primal response. They’re your internal truth meter, relaying if you can trust people.

2. Feel the goosebumps

Goosebumps are marvelous intuitive tingles which convey that we resonate with people who move or inspire us, or are saying something that strikes a chord. Goosebumps also happen when you experience deja-vu, a recognition that you’ve known someone before, though you’ve actually never met.

3. Watch for intuitive empathy

Sometimes you can feel people’s physical symptoms and emotions in your body which is an intense form of empathy. So, when reading people, notice, “Does my back hurt when it didn’t before? Am I depressed or upset after an uneventful meeting?” To determine if this is empathy, get feedback.

The Third Technique. Sense Emotional Energy

Emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the “vibe” we give off. We register these with intuition. Some people feel good to be around; they improve your mood and vitality. Others are draining; you instinctively want to get away. This “subtle energy” can be felt inches or feet from the body, though it’s invisible. In Chinese medicine it’s called chi, a vitality that’s essential to health.

1.  Sense people’s presence

This is the overall energy we emit, not necessarily congruent with words or behavior. It’s the emotional atmosphere surrounding us like a rain cloud or the sun. As you read people notice: Do they have a friendly presence that attracts you? Or are you getting the willies, making you back off.

2. Notice the feel of a handshake, hug, and touch

We share emotional energy through physical contact much like an electrical current. Ask yourself, Does a handshake or hug feel warm, comfortable, confident? Or is it off-putting so you want to withdraw? Are people’s hands clammy, signaling anxiety. Or limp, suggesting being non-committal and timid?

3. Listen for People’s Tone of Voice and Laugh

The tone and volume of our voice can tell much about our emotions. Sound frequencies create vibrations. When reading people, notice how their tone of voice affects you. Ask yourself: Does their tone feel soothing? Or is it abrasive, snippy, or whiny?

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5 Foods for weight loss

1. Whole Eggs

Once feared for being high in cholesterol, whole eggs have been making a comeback.

New studies show that they don’t adversely affect blood cholesterol and don’t cause heart attacks.

What’s more… they are among the best foods you can eat if you need to lose weight.

They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and can make you feel full with a very low amount of calories.

One study of 30 overweight women showed that eating eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels, increased satiety and made them eat less for the next 36 hours.

Another 8 week study found that eggs for breakfast increased weight loss on a calorie restricted diet compared to bagels.

Eggs are also incredibly nutrient dense and can help you get all the nutrients you need on a calorie restricted diet. Almost all the nutrients are found in the yolks.

2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards and a few others.

They have several properties that make them perfect for a weight loss diet.

They are low in both calories and carbohydrates, but loaded with fiber.

Eating leafy greens is a great way to increase the volume of your meals, without increasing the calories. Numerous studies show that meals and diets with a low energy density make people eat fewer calories overall.

Leafy greens are also incredibly nutritious and very high in all sorts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This includes calcium, which has been shown to aid fat burning in some studies.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts.

Like other vegetables, they are high in fiber and tend to be incredibly fulfilling.

What’s more… these types of veggies also tend to contain decent amounts of protein.

They’re not as high in protein as animal foods or legumes, but they’re high compared to most vegetables.

A combination of protein, fiber and low energy density makes cruciferous vegetables the perfect foods to include in your meals if you need to lose weight.

They are also highly nutritious, and contain cancer fighting substances.

4. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

Meat has been unfairly demonized.

It has been blamed for all sorts of health problems, despite no good evidence to back it up.

Although processed meat is unhealthy, studies show that unprocessed red meat does NOT raise the risk of heart disease or diabetes.

According to two big review studies, red meat has only a very weak correlation with cancer in men, and no correlation at all in women.

The truth is… meat is a weight loss-friendly food, because it’s high in protein.

Protein is the most fulfilling nutrient, by far, and eating a high protein diet can make you burn up to 80 to 100 more calories per day.

Studies have shown that increasing your protein intake to 25-30% of calories can cut cravings by 60%, reduce desire for late-night snacking by half, and cause weight loss of almost a pound per week… just by adding protein to the diet.

If you’re on a low-carb diet, then feel free to eat fatty meats. But if you’re on a moderate- to high carbohydrate diet, then choosing lean meats may be more appropriate.

5. Boiled Potatoes

White potatoes seem to have fallen out of favour for some reason.

However… they have several properties that make them a perfect food, both for weight loss and optimal health.

They contain an incredibly diverse range of nutrients, a little bit of almost everything we need.

There have even been accounts of people living on nothing but potatoes alone for extended periods of time.

They are particularly high in potassium, a nutrient that most people don’t get enough of and plays an important role in blood pressure control.

On a scale called the Satiety Index, that measures how fulfilling different foods are, white, boiled potatoes scored the highest of all the foods tested.

What this means is that by eating white, boiled potatoes, you will naturally feel full and eat less of other foods instead.

If you boil the potatoes, then allow them to cool for a while, then they will form large amounts of resistant starch, a fiber-like substance that has been shown to have all sorts of health benefits… including weight loss.

Sweet potatoes, turnips and other root vegetables are also excellent.

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8 way to get rid of any fear

If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them.

And there’s nothing wrong in that. Everything happens in its own time.

If you’re reading this article though, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to take another step forward

1. Awareness

Before you can begin overcoming fear, you have to be aware that your fears are causing havoc in your life. It’s easy to get so attached to your thoughts and feelings that you think they are all that exist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. You are not your fears. You are the awareness that experiences it.

2. The Now

What are you lacking right now? When you center yourself in the now, you realize that everything is how it is. You naturally accept what is. Tapping into the now can be as simple as feeling your body and breath. My favorite book on the subject is Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

3.  Sedona Method

Another simple system to conquer fear is the Sedona method. It consists of asking a few simple questions while focusing on your fear. It’s so simple that I dismissed it several times before taking it seriously. Bad move!

4. The Work

The Work is very similar to the Sedona method in that it asks questions. The Work is one of my favorite ways of dealing with fears, anxieties, and worries. There are many methods available, so pick the one that you resonate with.

5. Hypnosis

With hypnosis, you can program the right thoughts into your mind and eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it might for you. My brother uses it to consistently evoke positive change in his life. But remember, this isn’t necessarily about getting rid of your fears, but learning to relate to them in a different way.

6.  Journaling

Getting your fears down on paper is important, because trying to think them through doesn’t work. You get caught in endless loops of negativity that only lead you further down the rabbit hole, and make your life miserable.

7. Talk

No-brainer advice, but how often do we hold the negative in because we are afraid of how others might react, or because of some other reason? Talking helps, but don’t throw a pity party for yourself.

8. Life Coach

Do you have a fear of success, or a fear of failure? A good life coach can help you examine what you truly want from life, and where your fears come from. I’ve spoken to a few in my life and while it can be scary, it’s very helpful in getting clear about what you want and what’s stopping you.

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Get rid of mosquitoes forever

1. Wear chemical mosquito repellent

Keeping mosquitoes away from your body is the best way to avoid getting bitten. Use insect repellent on uncovered skin surfaces and on your clothing when you’re outdoors, especially during the day. When using sunscreen, apply it before insect repellent.

  • Repellents containing 30% to 50% DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) are the most popular type of repellents, and are recommended for adults and children over 2 months of age and are effective for several hours. Repellents with lower amounts of DEET offer shorter-term protection and must be applied more often.
  • Repellents containing up to 15% picaridin, which must be applied often, are available in the US. Picaridin is odorless, has a pleasant feel, and doesn’t plasticize like DEET. Studies have shown it to be as fully repellent to mosquitoes as DEET and can also be applied on infants as young as 2 months.
  • Protect infants less than 2 months of age by using a carrier draped with mosquito netting with an elastic edge for a tight fit rather using a repellent.

2. Wear loose, full coverage clothing

Long-sleeved shirts and long pants will help to protect you from mosquitoes when you’re outdoors. Covering your skin is a key approach to repelling mosquitoes.

  • Clothing may also be sprayed with repellent containing permethrin or another EPA-registered repellent for greater protection. Do not use permethrin directly on your skin.
  • Avoid wearing heavy, dark clothing in warm weather. Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, so staying cool is an effective way to avoid bites. They also appear to like black, blue and red the most.
  • Don’t wear scent when outdoors during mosquito season. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, but the act of sweating can mask more effective attractors of mosquitoes, such as perfumes.

3. Put out a dish of soapy water

If you’re having an outdoor meal, you can keep mosquitoes away by placing a dish of water with some dish soap in a discreet place nearby. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the water source, and they’ll get trapped in the soap bubbles and drown.

4. Grow some garlic in your yard

Eating garlic daily to repel mosquitoes has not been proven effective in scientific studies, but, some people believe it has an impact when used as a barrier. Since garlic is delicious, it can’t hurt to grow it, but don’t rely on it as the only source of repelling the pests.

  • Plant garlic around your house to repel mosquitoes. It can be integrated around your house, on a balcony, etc.
  • Garlic powder from your local grocer sprinkled all through your yard may create a mosquito repellent. Sprinkle a little extra thickly around the patio and porch areas. This may protect pets from being bitten if they sleep in that area.

5. Dump or flush out any stagnant 

Mosquitoes are often attracted to water, especially standing water. Examples of mosquito breeding grounds include old tires, driveway puddles, clogged gutters, unfiltered fish ponds, empty flowerpots, and any item that can hold water for more than a few days at a time.

  • Use a push broom to distribute the water for small puddles on hard surfaces. Use a siphon pump for larger puddles.
  • If you’re inundated by mosquitoes due to standing water from street curbs, drainage ditches or other pools you cannot control, call the responsible public authority to explain that you believe the water has become a mosquito breeding source.
  • If it is not possible to remove particular water source, place some Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) dunks/granules into the water. BTI is a species of bacteria that functions as a larvicide and will kill mosquito larvae for as long as a month, in addition to being safe and non-toxic to children/pets.

Maintain water features and swimming pools

If you have a koi pond or swimming pool that doesn’t see much use, it may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by doing regular maintenance to keep the water fresh and flowing.

  • Cut back vegetation from around your pond or other water features.
  • If you have a birdbath or another small source of water, change the water frequently or agitate it so mosquitoes won’t lay eggs there.
  • Treat your pool with the proper chemicals to make it uninhabitable for mosquitoes.

5 ways to release stress and depression

If you are having the problem of stress or depression then it is not a big deal to get out of it. Here are some tips and tricks to get out of stress easily.

1.Breath deeply

Take a little break from your work and focus on your breathing. Sit up straight in a room with pleasant temprature, keep your eyes closed, place your one hand on the belly and breathe deeply and feel the oxygen in your body and than exhale it. Repeat it four to five times and there would be improvement in your stress.

2. Slow down

Sometimes after working fast your brain and your body needs to relax for some time, but sleep doesn’t always work. So take 5 minutes and focus on your behavior. Notice how aisr feels on your face and how your feet feel when they hit the ground, enjoy every single bite of your food and be slowed down for some time.

3. Be Social

Not being social is also a cause of stess. So be social go out and meet people. Meeting people face to face is recommended, or at least talk to them on phone, discuss what’s going on with your life and you might get some positive results. Talk to your positive friends or meet new positive people and make them your friends, because having positive friends is very important in order to get rid of depression and stress.

4. Lauph out loud

A good belly laugh doesn’t only lighten the load only. It lowers the cortisol, your body’s stress hormone and boosts brain. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

5. Be Grateful

Always be grateful for what have you done in your life till now. Feel that you are the best. Think about all the accomplishments of your life and feel good about it and always be proud on yourself because you are always the best in your own. It would help you in getting rid of depression and stress.

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How to cheer up when feeling low

Feeling low? We’ve all been there!

There are times when everything seems so difficult to achieve. You are going to face a lot of hardships in your life. You’ll be met by criticism and people will try their very best to break you and bring you down. It is usually at such points in life when you are most likely to degrade yourself to such an extent that in the end, you’ll consider yourself nothing but a loser, someone who doesn’t deserve anything and is a complete failure.

You’ll believe whatever people tell you about yourself and will start criticizing your own self as well. However, what you need to realize is that everyone faces hardships in their lives but that does not mean that you continue to beat yourself. Don’t let people’s words affect you because people will always talk no matter what you do.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we listen to the judgments of other people. This in turn leads us to only focus on our negatives. We ignore all of the positives that we possess. No individual will be able to achieve anything in life if he or she thinks that they are a failure or keeps on experiencing a low mood.

Here are some of the best tips that you can use in order to feel better about yourself.

1. Call Someone Who Loves You

The first thing that you should do when feeling low about yourself is to call your mother. Everyone has a special relationship with their parents but with your mother, there is a special bond. Talk to her about the conflicting feelings that you have been feeling about yourself. She’ll help you realize your self-worth. Having a nice chat with your mother is literally the best remedy for anyone who feels low. If you can’t call your mother then call someone who’s really close to you. It’ll have the same effect. The people who love you are the ones who appreciate you for who you are.

2. Be Grateful

A lot of us take what other people think about how we look to our heart. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Appreciate what you see. Own all of your flaws and be grateful to what nature has given you.

3.Enjoy your Accomplishments

Another great tip that will help when you’re feeling low is writing down every single thing or task that you have accomplished. Write even the smallest thing whether it is winning a local race or passing a test. Even making dinner for the first time or doing your own laundry is an accomplishment you should be happy about. Pin the sheet of paper on your fridge or any other place you can see it easily. Read the list every single day, make additions, and feel happy about what you’ve accomplished in your life.

4.Treat Yourself

Pamper yourself. Whenever you feel low about yourself just go to a nearby spa and get a massage. Even changing your hairstyle or going for a complete makeover can help you feel better about yourself. If you don’t like the way your face looks, then there’s no reason why you can’t have it changed a bit if it is something that you’re doing for yourself. Think you need a facelift or want to do away with some wrinkles? See a cosmetician that has been properly trained. There is some stigma attached to people getting little procedures done. However, research proves that taking care of your skin in such a manner can help people feel better about themselves.

5.Find a Hobby

Find yourself a hobby! It could be anything you’re interested in or it can be something completely new. Even if people haven’t complimented your singing it doesn’t mean that you should never sing again. Stand in front of a mirror and sing your heart out. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good at something you’re passionate about. Spending time doing something you enjoy will help you relax and bring a positive change in your life.

6. Workout

Go for a run, hit the gym or start doing yoga. Staying active will help your mind and body to stop feeling low.

Because you worth it!

Just because someone thinks that you don’t deserve happiness doesn’t really mean that you don’t actually deserve to be happy in life. Gossiping and passing judgmental comments are habits that a lot of people possess. They also understand the power their words can have on someone else and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

How to stop hunger while dieting

Have a problem of hungriness everytime? then you are at the right place. here are top 5 solutions through which you could decrease your food intake without being hungry.


Skipping breakfast can generate stomach hunger pangs, also leading to snacking and binging later in the day. Hunger pangs begin 12 to 24 hours after the last ingestion of food, and are usually more intense in young people because they have more muscle tone than older people.


Eight glasses of water a day are recommended. According to Dr. Melina Jampolis, a nutrition specialist, it can be easy to confuse hunger pangs with thirst.


Control hunger pangs by sending “full” messages to the brain with spicy aromas like ginger, turmeric, curry, chili powder, and cayenne, advises Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. These plant extracts also increase metabolism.


Protein acts as an appetite suppressant to help control hunger pangs. Eating two to three ounces of protein triggered a 25 percent spike in energy, increasing fat metabolism 32 percent, and lasting up to four hours, in research conducted by the University of Wollongong in Australia.


Sugar’s aliases are corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, honey, maltose, corn sweeteners and dextrose. Don’t eat simple sugar foods alone — ensure they are mixed with a meal to help control your hunger. Richards J. Johnson, M.D., of the University of Florida showed in his research that communication between the digestive tract and the brain’s fullness center was disrupted by high-fructose corn syrup, making appetite control difficult.

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Earth is the name of the planet on which we human beings are living. Earth is 4.543 billion years old, which means that since 4.5 billion years earth have been living on earth. There is a day which is specially for our planet earth. This day is called “The Earth Day” which is celebrated on 22 April.

As you know that earth is in great danger because of many reasons which are caused by humans. One of the biggest reason is global warrming which is due to the lack of trees. We can do many things in order to save our earth:



                                  This is a very easy step to reduce global warming. So on earth day plant atleast one tree, if every person on earth plants only one tree then there would be more than 7 billion trees on earth which can reduce a large amount of environmental pollution and global warming. As the trees provide us Oxygen, there could be lack of oxygen in future due to the lack of trees. plant trees as much as you can so that humans could be saved from extinction. Planting trees is the duty of every person living on earth. Some environmental benefits of oxygen are following:
  • Trees offer many environmental benefits.
  • Trees reduce the urban heat island effect through evaporative cooling and reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches parking lots and buildings. This is especially true in areas with large impervious surfaces, such as parking lots of stores and industrial complexes.
  • Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe.
  • Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe.
  • Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding.
  • Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.


There are many harmful effects of plastic bags on our earth. Polyethylene bags are the most common plastic bags. These bags are made from crude oil and natural gas according to the New York Times. Both oil and gas are nonrenewable energy sources, meaning they are in limited supply. The mining and manufacturing process of fossil fuels creates pollution.

Estimates of the number of plastic bags used around the world each year vary in range from 100 million to a trillion according to a New York Times article. Since only a small portion of these bags is recycled, many plastic bags are left to enter the waste stream. The bags will likely take about 1,000 years to decompose. Because such a large number of bags are produced and it takes a long time for them to decompose, the plastic bags that are thrown away create a lot of waste in the landfills on top of the trash that may be inside of them. Plastic bags in the water may get wrapped around marine animals. Sea turtles sometimes swallow plastic bags because they resemble jellyfish. The plastic bags may make the animals suffocate or starve to death.



70 percent of the earth is covered with water. Without water there would be no creature living on earth. Due to impurities added by humans in water are reducing the amount of drinking water. It is estimated that till 2050 there would be lack of drinking water in many countries. Humans are responsible for this so we should take step to save water on earth.

1. Shower Bucket. Instead of letting the water pour down the drain, stick a bucket under the faucet while you wait for your shower water to heat up. You can use the water for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.

2.  Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Water comes out of the average faucet at 2.5 gallons per minute. Don’t let all that water go down the drain while you brush! Turn off the faucet after you wet your brush, and leave it off until it’s time to rinse.

3. Turn off the tap while washing your hands. Do you need the water to run while you’re scrubbing your hands? Save a few gallons of water and turn the faucet off after you wet your hands until you need to rinse.

4. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. This tip might not be for everyone, but the toilet is one of the most water-intensive fixtures in the house. Do you need to flush every time?

5. Fix your leaks. Whether you go DIY or hire a plumber, fixing leaky faucets can mean big water savings


4. Welcome animals into your yard

You can do a lot for the creatures of the earth starting in your own yard or neighborhood. In their quest for the perfect lawn, many people drive out the insects, rodents, birds and reptiles that need a place to call home just as much as we do. Starting on Earth Day, why not welcome these nonhuman neighbors into your yard? Here’s how to do it.

    • Instead of mowing the entire yard, leave a few sections unmowed. Bees, butterflies, and many other insects will find this inviting. If you’re worried about them coming inside, have the unmowed area in the back of the yard instead of right next to the house.
    • Install a bird feeder, bat feeder, squirrel feeder, hummingbird feeder, or any other type of feeder to attract more wild animals.
    • Provide a source of water, like a bird bath or a small pond.
    • Don’t try to get rid of snakes, lizards, frogs, moles, squirrels, and the other creatures who want to hang out in your yard. Many of these animals are beneficial; they aerate your yard, eat mosquitoes and improve biodiversity in the area. Live and let live. Tell your neighbors to do the same!


After all it is a celebration so celebrate it by making differant dishes at your home and by inviting your friends and relatives at your home.

Anything to help our environment is a perfect thing to do on Earth Day and every day. Don’t restrict yourself to just one day a year; learn about how you can make a difference to environmental protection all the time. It’s going to take a lot of work to heal our planet. Leading by example will help others remember that the earth is important every day of the year.



5 ways to relieve stress

1.  Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress.

It might seem contradictory, but putting physical stress on your body through exercise can help relieve mental stress.

And the benefits are strongest when you exercise regularly. People who exercise regularly are less likely to experience anxiety than those who don’t exercise.

There are a few reasons behind this:

  • Stress hormones: Exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones in the long run, such as cortisol. It also helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers.
  • Sleep: Exercise can also improve your sleep quality, which can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety.
  • Confidence: When you exercise regularly, you may feel more competent and confident in your body, which in turn promotes mental well-being.


Try to find an activity you enjoy, such as walking, dancing, rock climbing or yoga.

Activities that use repetitive movements of large muscle groups, such as walking or jogging, can be particularly stress relieving.

2. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks. High doses can increase anxiety.

People have different thresholds for how much caffeine they can tolerate.

If you notice that caffeine makes you jittery or anxious, consider cutting back.

Although many studies show that coffee can be healthy in moderation, it’s not for everyone. In general, five or fewer cups per day is considered a moderate amount.

3. Write It Down

One way to handle stress is to write things down.

While writing down what you’re stressed about is one approach, another is writing down what you’re grateful for.

Gratitude may help relieve stress and anxiety by focusing your thoughts on what’s positive in your life.

4. Chew Gum

For a super easy and quick stress reliever, try chewing a stick of gum.

One study showed that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of well-being and lower stress.

There are a couple possible reasons for this.

One theory is that chewing gum causes brain waves similar to those of relaxed people. Another is that chewing gum promotes blood flow to the brain.

Additionally, one recent study found that stress relief was greatest when people chewed more strongly.

For a super easy and quick stress reliever, try chewing a stick of gum.

One study showed that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of well-being and lower stress.

There are a couple possible reasons for this.

One theory is that chewing gum causes brain waves similar to those of relaxed people. Another is that chewing gum promotes blood flow to the brain.

5. spend time with friends and family

Social support from friends and family can help you get through stressful times.

Being part of a friend network gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth, which can help you in tough times.

One study found that for women, in particular, spending time with friends and children helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. This effect is called “tend and befriend,” and is the opposite of the fight-or-flight response.

Furthermore, both men and women benefit from friendship.

Another study found that men and women with the fewest social connections were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.


The world nowadays is all bonkers about the taglines “make money online”  and “work from home”. So why can’t these things make an awesome earning tool for the house makers? Of course they can!

In the succeeding portions I will be discussing a few options that can open the doors for a new way of living for all the non-working women out there.

Online work from home jobs for women

1. Become a food blogger

Ladies love cooking and when it comes to housewives, they spent a majority of their time in the kitchen. Getting to know about new and different ingredients, trying out new recipes and such things delight them. Then a food blog is the right choice for you.

Go ahead and start blogging about various ethnic and exotic food items and also write your reviews on the various kitchen appliances.

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2. Work from home online

If you have the basic knowledge of using a computer and know about certain Microsoft tools like MS Word and MS Excel, then you can surely opt to work from home and earn money online.

There are numerous online jobs like data entry, paid surveys, Ad posting, virtual assistance, online translator etc. Which are pretty easy to accomplish and do not require you to put in much time.

So you can surely take out ample time from the household chores to take up these online jobs. You can get this all type of jobs on freelancing websites also with good payout.

3. Become a freelance writer/blogger

If you are skilled in any language, especially English, then becoming a freelance writer is the best choice for you. Just create your profile on a freelance website and start applying for suitable jobs posted there.

There are employers who pay as high as $100 per article; just imagine. You can even explore sites which pay huge money for guest blogging.

Just write them and once they accept then you will get money.You can also choose freelancing sites for getting writing content jobs.You can even search content writing page on Facebook and check if someone offer writing jobs.

4. Start your own cookery video series on YouTube

Every woman wants to learn how to cook new and innovative dishes. If you have the talent of making them yourself, start a cookery video series on YouTube. For reference just browse through YouTube for “Rajshree foods”.

So next time don’t just cook an innovative dish and keep it to yourself; go ahead and show it to the world. You can also get inspiration from Nisha Madhulika, who earning thousands of dollar by just uploading kitchens video.

5. Online tutoring

If you love teaching but never got an opportunity to pursue a career in it, then online tuitions are your choice.

With the growing trend of working parents, the reliance on tutors for their children has increased. Also, parents prefer that the children stay home and study. tutor.com  is a reliable website where one can register as a tutor.  So just go ahead and register at the website and you will be allotted students as per the demand of the parents.